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This page contains links to web sites and pages having to do with Evaluation of International Programs and Projects. They have been selected because of their intrinsic importance or because they have links to other sites of a similar nature. The information is divided into the following categories:

The inner structure of many sites is changed frequently with links being removed and, as a result, links may not always work. In that case, go to the organization's main page and see if the link has been re-named.

General sites on evaluation

In the consulting world, evaluation is a major product. It is also taught in most universities, in schools of public and business administration, among others. While they are mainly oriented to national governments and the private sector, the concepts can be applied to evaluation at the international level as well. Here are a few of the sites with material that is particularly relevant for international evaluation.

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United Nations System Program Organizations

The organizations of the United Nations system that are funded from assessed budgets all have policies calling for evaluation. Most also encourage self-evaluation and maintain web sites dealing with evaluation. Here are some of the most interesting sites..

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United Nations System Operational Agencies

A slightly different set of organizations undertake operational activities for development, in the form of technical co-operation and humanitarian assistance. Their site emphasize evaluation of field-level projects. Here are some of the more useful sites:

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The World Bank and other development banks

The World Bank and the development banks have had a long-term commitment to evaluation. Since they support investment projects, their evaluations are typically larger and more complex than those done by the other UN system operational agencies. The banks all have operations evaluation departments.

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Non-UN Intergovernmental organizations

There are a number of intergovernmental organizations that are not part of the UN (and are not development banks) that sponsor or monitor evaluations. Here are some of the main ones..

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Bilateral Agencies

Bilateral development agencies have often been pioneers in developing evaluation methodologies..

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Non-Governmental Organizations

Non-governmental organizations have an interest also in evaluation. Most of the sites of major NGOs do not include material on evaluation, however. You can, however, use search engines within sites to pull down whatever is there. Here are a few examples.

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